The research project

Brief outline of the overall work plan

The work packages

WP1 secures the efficient financial and scientific coordination of the team with the host institution and HFRI. WP 2 is the theoretical and methodological guide of the project, informing the fieldwork conducted in WP3-5 and securing a standard for writing the reports of the case studies. WP3-5 implements the empirical research (mapping through literature review, archival research, popular press analysis, semi-structured interviews, and stakeholder workshops) to write each WP’s reports and prepare the empirical data in a codified form that will facilitate their integration into the team’s publications and digital platform.

WP3 is dedicated in resource management and land use. The team conduct research on the historical formation and the contemporary infrastructure politics of water and energy as well as the transformations in the land use. The resulted destructions from the latest floods in Thessaly provides to this WP a key relevance and importance.


WP4 is dedicated in the history and contemporary policies and politics of seeds and plant breeding in the cereals, cotton, maize and tomato cultivations. The challenge of Climate Change provides to the WP a serious importance and relevance.

WP5 is dedicated in historical formation of agriculture communities and their interaction with science and innovation for securing resilient futures and the formation of new sustainable markets for their products. The emphasis is on olives and olive oil as well as production of apples. The combinations of contemporary financial, climatic and public health crises place to the WP a very important relevance.

WP6 implements activities geared towards necessary academic, social and policy impacts. The creation of a digital platform secures the communication and diffusion of the project’s research output through the establishment of an interactive environment designed to include and empower stakeholders, civil society, and other users. In this way, the platform maximizes the project’s outreach for the promotion of just transitions and their models.